Closet Organizing Ideas

by Nilsa Cleland
(last updated August 4, 2020)


In order to organize your closet there should be an idea of how you visualize your closet. Do you want to have your closet specifically for a particular function or do you want to use your closet for various functions? Whatever you do will depend on what function you want your closet to handle.

  • Think. Before you start your pulling out stuff from your closet think about what job you want your closet to serve. Do you want the closet to be a catch all or do you want your closet to function as a clothes holder? Whatever the use for your closet, the rest will fall into place once you determine what the closet is to hold.
  • Take time. Block out some time to organize your closet. Bring in garbage cans, bags, or boxes to haul out items you have not used for years and have forgotten you even had. Clean out the clutter.
  • Shelving. Bring in shelves to install in large spaces within your closet that can use the multi-level units. Shelves can provide a dividing point for placing categories of items. Boxes labeled with categories can also provide an easy method to identify what lies in your closet.
  • Labels. Use label makers and attach those labels to the areas you would like your items to be stored. Make a label for bath towels, another label for face towels, another label for soap, and a label for body wash. You get the idea. Using labels will make everyone in your home accountable for placing your things in the right place.
  • Sections. Divide and conquer your closet. Try dividing your closet into two different categories. One side will hold your clothes and the other side will hold your accessories such as scarves, ties, or belts. On the floor you can place a shoe holder with shoes coordinating with the clothes you hold in your closet. You create a closet environment that will produce all the items you need to get you going first thing in the morning.
  • Storage. Do you need a closet to hold your crafts and hobby items? Grab some storage bins with dividers and place like items together. Place a label on the storage bin and put in the area that you have designated for your hobby items. Shoe boxes are excellent storage units. Small bottles or containers can be used to hold small craft or hobby objects.
  • Discard. Triumph over your closet and not the other way around. Look around and start discarding items you have not used in a while. Expand your closet space by throwing out or donating to a charity unused items. Garage sales can prove to be great sources for extra funds to buy shelves and redesigning items for your home.

No need to go on a scavenger hunt. A well arranged closet can provide you with a visual inventory of what exists at your fingertips. Think of what you are wanting to accomplish with your closets and then go for it.

Author Bio

Nilsa Cleland

Nilsa is currently working on her first novel. She is author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and poems of which one has been published in a book of poetry. She and her husband reside in the foothills of one of Colorado's most beautiful mountains. ...


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What is 9 - 3?

2020-08-04 16:15:00


No use trying to have a yard sale; what I might have to sell is just junk in others’ eyes. They want to pay peanuts. Yet, if you could see things they’d buy that costs plenty! It’s just that secondhand things are junky stuff to them. No, I’ll donate them, or ask my friends if they want what’s up for grabs. Good idea, though.

2014-11-03 18:43:39

Needing help

I need advice for a long, narrow closet. On a fixed income, unable to buy shelving units; also, it is not permissible to put up hanging units that are within my reach. Bins would make accessing items very difficult. Were a kind soul to recommend anything useful to me, I can assure you, you shall receive the undying gratitude of a very frustrated senior citizen.

2013-01-11 21:51:34


I would like to have seen more tips or help on making my closet a clothes holder. I have a shallow closet with a high shelf but only short objects can be stored since there is little space between the closet wall and the shelf. Also I have one long hanger rod across the entire closet (approx. 8-9 feet long. Is there any way to put shorter rods that stand out from the wall far enough to put hangers on it? All of the rods shown in magazines will not work since there is no separation in the closet and secondary rods would have to be the same length of the original rod. I am thinking of something like a towel rack type rod...


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