Closet Organizers

by Hettie Woehler
(last updated November 25, 2021)


There are all kinds of closets that you may have around your home or office. Typically the most common closets are broom closets, cleaning closets, clothes closets, and even the cupboard in the kitchen. In fact, it could easily be said that just about every room imaginable has some kind of a closet associated with it. While these closets are supposed to be a helpful storage space, if steps aren't taken you can easily find yourself with an area that is quickly becoming out of control. Among the best steps available for keeping your closet neat and organized is by using an organizer. Closet organizers are simply a tool that you can use to make your closets a little more efficient. All you really need to do is keep in mind a few simple things, and you will be amazed at how useful these items are.

  • Purpose. What is the purpose of the closet? After all, the use and organizational needs of a broom closet is completely different from a bedroom closet. Be sure that you know what you will be using the closet for, before you actually begin to store anything in it.
  • Largest article size. In order for you to get the most out of the closet space you have, you need to know the dimensions of the largest item that you will be storing. By being able to plan around this large item, you can more efficiently store, pack, and utilize the remaining space. In addition, you also need to know the dimensions of the closet itself. After all, you don't want to cram all of your best clothes into a hanging space that is simply too small.
  • Where will it stand? While it often can't always be avoided, wasted corner space should be something that you avoid like the plague. If the shelves are too shallow, things may become stacked on top of each other resulting in articles falling when you remove anything. The alternative is that shelves may be too deep and narrow at the back making it difficult to find stuff stored out of reach. Plan where each item should go carefully, and create a space for everything that you will be storing in that closet.
  • Weight of the articles. Often one of the most overlooked factors when choosing a closet organizer is the weight of the articles you will be storing. This is actually a really important consideration since it will help determine the material to be used in your organizer. "Saving" money by using cheap material will often prove to be highly expensive as you will need to replace it very soon.
  • How dark is it inside the closet? There are attractive light fittings on the market. You may prefer to have a battery-operated or electrical lamp (depending where the nearest power outlet is) which will either come on when you open the door or has a switch so it can be switched on when necessary.
  • Air fresheners? Cupboards or closets have no air bricks and becomes stuffy and smelly at times. You can buy air fresheners in the form of soap, bubbles, and sachets to spread among your clothes. Whatever fresheners you prefer, remember that your clothes may take on the smell and clash with your perfume. A good idea may be to dab a few drops essential oil on the light bulb in the closet or even soak cotton balls in the oils and spread or hang it inside the cupboard.

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Hettie Woehler

Hettie lives in Mokopane, South Africa. She writes articles for a country-wide monthly newspaper, The Vessel. She self-published a devotional book in 1993 and writes a regular column, Hettie's Chatterbox, for the S.A. Neuromuscular Foundation. ...


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What is 5 + 6?

2014-01-15 12:44:50


Easy-peasy! When a house is being built, the builder has a floor plan, correct? All right, when you plan what to put where, I'd suggest you first make a floor plan of your closet; then start putting the things in it. Establish what goes in each area, label said area accordingly, and keep the floor plan readily available.

2014-01-14 11:43:42


How about systems to keep track of what is in each closet? That's my main challenge.

For me, the purpose of organization is to put things away with confidence, and to find them again with ease.

How can you help that in terms of closets?
Thanks, Annie


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