Closet Organization

by Cassandra Merkling
(last updated October 8, 2015)

There are a lot of ways to organize your closet. I knew one young woman who organized her clothing by brand and color. I personally prefer to stick with simpler methods of organization, so keep in mind when I present to you these methods of closet organization that there are many other ways to organize and that you have a lot of options.

The first option I present to you is to organize your clothing on the rack by type of clothing (skirts, then dresses, then pants, et cetera), and then by color. This may look a little less than perfect, but if you really want your clothing to look like the closet organizer catalogs, you will need to throw out all your clothes except for a few of those with a fairly neutral color palette, which will match your closet's walls and fixtures, and keep everything evenly spaced on the hangers. So, this is really the next best thing, in my opinion. When it comes to things like sweaters, you may do better to just have boxes or some other kind of container for them (preferably see-though so that you know what is in there), which can keep them from 1) getting those little horns on the shoulders from hanging on hangers, 2) keep the dust off, and 3) keep the creepy crawlies away from them (like moths).

When it comes to shoes, you will probably want some kind of hanging shoe rack or a cubby shelf with lots of boxes that fit inside and can hold both shoes comfortably. I use an over-the-door shoe rack with bars across it that I can put my shoes on and that are textured so said shoes do not slide off. The downside of this latter method, however, is that you cannot use this option to keep spiders and other critters out of your shoes. The plus side, though, is that it takes a lot less room to store your shoes this way.

Belts, ties, and scarves can be stored on either some kind of apparatus specifically designed for the job, or you can use other methods. My personal favorite for belts, for example, was to use adhesive hooks on the back or sides of my closet wall and hang them one or two to a hook but the buckle. My husband uses a hanger that has been bent out of shape to store his ties, but this particular method is not the most beautiful I have seen. Just remember, there are all kinds of methods available for you to organize your closet. All that you really need though is a little imagination, and enough enthusiasm to complete the job.

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Cassandra Merkling


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