Filing Supplies

by Hettie Woehler
(last updated July 15, 2021)


When many people hear the term "filing supplies," most people think of only paper products, with a few paper clips or staples thrown in. However, there are some other items that you will need to keep in stock as well if you want to have a complete set of filing supplies. Some of those other supplies that you really need to keep in stock include such things as computer and printer supplies too. Here are a few suggestions of what stock to include in your filing supplies cupboard.

  • Printer supplies. Your printer may stop printing in the middle of printing high priority data files labels or information that needs to be handed to someone in hard copy.
  • Writable CD-ROMs and DVDs. Do not choose rewritable CD-ROMs, but rather the ones that are strictly writable only. The reason for this is that writable CD-ROMs and DVDs are more durable than the rewritable ones/
  • Digital storage items. You can back-up to Zip, Jaz disks, or thumb drives. These items are perfect for storing files containing that contain music, pictures and videos. Remember that these types of drives can easily become damaged easily if not handled and stored with care.
  • Compressed air. Always have a canister of compressed air on hand. Compressed air is the perfect tool for cleaning electronic devices. Always read and follow the instructions on the compressed air canister before attempting to clean any equipment
  • Plan out your shopping list. Always think before you buy, since an unplanned visit to the store almost always becomes an expensive endeavor. Keep in mind the following items are almost always in need. Pens and pencils—how many, black, blue or red? Markers and highlighters—will you use them before they dry out? Paper clips and binder clips—do you have plastic containers to place them in avoiding everything spilling on the floor once the original box becomes shabby? Stapler, staple remover, and staples. Don't buy if you don't know what the right size is. Hole punch—do you need a more robust one to punch holes in larger stacks of paper? Rather buy a larger punch to avoid buying small punches every few months.
  • Folders. Interior manila file folders, hanging file folders, and either adhesive file labels or a labeling machine is almost always needed. In addition, you should also have some clean and colored plastic label tabs handy for labeling the different folders that you will be using.
  • Index dividers. Running out of index dividers can be solved by simply making your own dividers. Cut them out of old files but remember to add them to the next filing supplies list. However, if you are unable to do this, make sure that you always have a handy supply ready.
  • Ringed binders. There are other ways to store your paperwork than simply in a few folders. Ringed binders can be a huge help, but you want to make sure that you have the right kind. If you have been using a four ringed hole punch, make sure that you have a four ring binder to store the paperwork in.
  • Printing paper. There is no such thing as enough printing paper. Offices will go through paper quicker than you can believe possible. In addition, you can't really file your paper work if you don't have any paper to file, can you?

Author Bio

Hettie Woehler

Hettie lives in Mokopane, South Africa. She writes articles for a country-wide monthly newspaper, The Vessel. She self-published a devotional book in 1993 and writes a regular column, Hettie's Chatterbox, for the S.A. Neuromuscular Foundation. ...


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What is five more than 7?

2012-01-20 14:58:52


Hettie - concise and informative - great job. Just a couple of suggestions:

"Your printer may stop printing in the middle of printing..."
remove the first "printing"

"the ones that are strictly writable only."
the WORM (Write Once, Read Many) times discs.

Compressed Air -- DON'T USE if you have (pre)teenagers in the house - can be abused as the propellent for the air causes a "high" sensation which leads to brain damage and ultimately death.

Copying/Printing paper will jam if it has a high moisture content, so open the packet carefully and reseal the remainder, or store in a plastic "Ziploc" bag.


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