Organizing Your Shopping List

Written by Nilsa Cleland (last updated July 22, 2021)


You have a busy day ahead of you handling errands and now you learn you have an unexpected stop at the store. You do not have your shopping list in front of you so you are going to need to rely on memory to help you with your shopping. What to do? Learn some tips on organizing your shipping lists.

  • Place a magnetic grocery list notepad on your refrigerator. As kitchen staples diminish, add those items to your list. Almost to the last drop in your milk carton, add milk to your list. Do not own a magnetic grocery list? No problem. Place your favorite picture magnets to hold your grocery shopping paper lists on your refrigerator. Put up a fun corkboard on your kitchen wall. Tack your shopping lists plus coupons on the same bulletin board.
  • Categorize your grocery shopping list by refrigerated items, produce, canned goods, meats or fish, drinks, dairy, etc. Organizing your shopping list by grocery item categories can help eliminate time at the grocery store. As you pick up a grocery item, check it off your list.
  • The check off system will ensure you have picked up all your necessary list items.
  • With today's economy, saving coupons for your shopping trips may help with keeping more dollars in your pocket. Coupon holders are a convenient method of keeping coupons organized. As you pull the coupon to your store item, place the coupon in a separate envelope that will hold only the coupons you will be using. The separate envelope will keep the usable coupons from getting lost and is an easy way to hand the coupons to the check-out clerk. Don't limit your coupons to just groceries. Great coupons are always available for automotive shops, hair salons, and clothing, shoe stores, and restaurants. Maintaining a coupon holder with your other coupons will help you save dollars while you are out shopping. Keeping your coupon holder in your car will keep those dollar saving coupons accessible to you at all times. Add new tabs to your coupon holders with your frequented favorite stores.
  • A costly shopping trip is when you shop while you are hungry. Have a light meal or snack prior to running to the store. Non-essential grocery items seem less appealing when you are shopping on a full stomach.
  • Download shopping list applications to your cell phone or PDA. Having the ability to write down shopping goods items whether you are in the office or out on an errand can help you remember all the things you need on your next shopping trip.
  • Want to cook that delicious recipe you saw on your favorite cooking show last week? Think about meals you would like to prepare in advance. Write recipe ingredients in your shopping list for your next meals. Keep exciting spice in the kitchen by jotting down necessary food ingredients on your shopping list for your next shopping trip.

Keeping an organized shopping list will make your store trips more enjoyable. Save money and time when you are prepared to head out for your next purchase.

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Nilsa Cleland

Nilsa is currently working on her first novel. She is author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and poems of which one has been published in a book of poetry. She and her husband reside in the foothills of one of Colorado's most beautiful mountains. ...


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2012-04-23 12:19:32

Eleanor Price

I already do something like this. One Thanksgiving my local store handed out a list of most foods used for thanksgiving. This gave me an idea, so next time I went I used that list as a basis and maked down the aisle number beside the item. As I came across items not on the list I entered them as well. Pretty soon I had a comprehensive list of items I normally buy and their aisle numbers. I typed it on the computer and sorted the items aphabetically. Saves me bunches of time when shopping as I now know where everything is. Gave copies of the list to my neighbors also. They loved it. I would recommend everyone do this. A very good article, hope it inspires other to try to organize their list. Love the organization tips you provide. Thanks a lot.