Getting Motivated to Organize

Written by Lee Wyatt (last updated March 4, 2021)


For some reason, there are some organizing projects that are just too big to want to get started on right away. In such situations you typically will need to work yourself up to getting it done. That being said, getting motivated to organize isn't that difficult. Rather it is really simple, and even a bit fun, to get hyped up to get to work. Here are some guidelines that you can use to begin getting motivated to organize your home, office, or even life if you so want.

  • Be realistic. If you are having a hard time getting motivated to organize, then maybe your task is a little too big. In that case, make a more realistic goal. Start with something small, something that is a little more obtainable, and easy to fulfill. For example, instead of saying you want your entire house organized, have a goal of having your bedroom organized this week, your den next week, and the kitchen the following week. Having smaller goals will allow you to see progress being made, and allow you to better judge your progress.
  • Get some help. One of the best ways to get motivated to do anything, even organizing, is to get some help. This help can be to have some one come and assist in organizing things, or it could even be someone that will simply offer you some moral support. Basically, think of this person as your own personal cheerleader sitting there saying "Go team, go!" Ideally, this person is going to be someone that you can get along with, who is fairly organized themselves, and that is willing to work with you.
  • Background music. Everything is better with music, and that goes for organizing as well. Pick out a collection of music that you can have playing while you work. Not only will this make the time more enjoyable for you, it can often help pep you up when you are feeling down. A somewhat cliched example of this would be to listen to Eye of the Tiger when you need a quick pick me up. Simply choose some music that helps get your blood pumping, and get to work!
  • Keep track of your progress. There is a huge psychological benefit from crossing something off of a to-do list. As you finish each task that you have set yourself, take the time to actually mark it off or do something similar.

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What is 7 + 5?

2014-03-19 09:27:52


Tupperware is a fine idea for cereal, flour, pasta and such---they keep the weevils out of your grain foods. I keep my cereal and pasta in containers. It makes my pantry look neater as well as keeping out bugs.

2014-03-18 12:07:51

Shirley J. Tyson

Storage container always works with something like this, I'm a big Tupperware freak, so all of my food is in some kind of Tupperware, but you can find containers at the dollar store as well, but always remember you get what you pay for! Happy Organizing

2014-03-18 08:34:55


Can somebody tell me how to get my kitchen cabinets organized? There's a divider at the front of each between the two doors, instead of just the usual open space, which makes maneuvering my things into or out of the cabinet difficult.