New Storage Solutions from Recycled Items

by Doris Donnerman
(last updated November 17, 2020)


Quite often, when a person prepares to organize any room, desk or office, that person quickly realizes something. That realization is that storage solutions and strategies are usually rather expensive. With the state of today's economy, the ever decreasing amount of world and national resources and the condition of people's personal finances, who really has the extra money to spend, or even want to add more waste to our world? Well, believe it or not, there is a way that the desires of organization, resource management and how to save money can all be met. This way is through the use of recycled items, or recycling items for the use of organization and storage purposes.

By using a little creativity, ingenuity and common items found around the home you are going to be able to have all the storage and organizational help you could want for your home, office, or vehicle organizational needs. In addition, if you happen to have small children in your family, you can easily turn this money saving storage strategy into a fun craft project. Just use any of these ideas for a wonderful and fun craft project for your whole family to do on your next family fun day.

  • Butter & margarine containers. These items are wonderful for being able to store those pesky small items that may be found around the kitchen, hobby room, garage or car. Just make sure that you have completely cleaned these containers, otherwise you may end up with a rancid, greasy mess everywhere.
  • Pringle's chip cans. It seems like these containers were made to be the perfect pencil case, so why not use them for that job. Such containers can also be utilized for holding such things as paintbrushes and crayons. The airtight container can help protect other possessions from getting wet, damaged, colored or otherwise harm other materials.
  • Dry laundry detergent boxes. Laundry boxes are a great way to be able to store and organize such things as magazines, coloring books, and notebooks, among many other things. These are the perfect things to use in organizing a bathroom library.
  • Tissue boxes. As was stated in another article, tissue boxes make some of the best and greatest methods available to store and organize plastic grocery bags. Simply stuff the bags in to the box, and thread one bag through the handle or loops of the other bags. Doing this allows you to be able to have each bag pulled out partly and ready to go.

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What is eight more than 6?

2015-04-03 23:53:31


When you get fountain soda in a plastic cup, don't put the cup in recycling once you finish the soda; keep it in your vehicle as a trash receptacle. My friend does that all the time, and it's perfect for the purpose!

2015-04-02 11:13:54


Use empty tissue boxes as trash bags in the car - they rest easily between the seats, and when they're full, just toss them and replace with another empty.

2012-08-31 12:29:38


Good information. I use a lot of these type of items for storage. The butter tub makes a great place to store a ball of twine. Just drill a hole in the lid and thread the twine through the hole for a couple of inches. When you need a piece pull the twine to the length you need (leaving a couple of inches for the next time) and snip off the twine. Keeps it clean and you don't have to hang on to the ball. There are many uses for all kinds of containers.


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