Be Organized when You Move

Written by Doris Donnerman (last updated February 15, 2022)

I don't know about you, but I really dislike moving. While there are aspects of it that I enjoy, and in fact that I even look forward to, it does not change the underlying fact that moving is fundamentally a major pain in the rear. Since it does not matter how many times someone may have moved in the past, there is always a better way to do it. The trick is in learning how to go about making your move as organized as possible.

One of the great things about being organized in your moving experience is that it enables you to go through your move with as little pain as possible. Here are three tips that are going to help ensure that you have as organized of a move as possible when you next face this task.

  • Color code. Why not add a little color to your life by making your next move a colorful experience? Simply assign each room a color and label each packed box with a matching marker or sticker. For example, use the color purple for your kitchen and place a purple mark on every box that has any kitchen stuff in it. Now you can have a much easier time unloading things into your new home by simply glancing at the color of the marker or ink on the box. For the times when you hire movers, place matching colored sheets of paper or stickers on the door or doorframe of every room. This way everyone is going to know at a simple glance where your belongings go.
  • Practice precision packing. When packing your belongings, keep all related items together. Cable cords should stay with the television, lids with their pans, and remote controls with the appropriate electronic equipment. Prevent small items, such as screws, from getting lost by putting them in a sandwich bag and taping the bag to a larger item, such as a bookshelf. Another way that you can prevent losing such items is that you can keep all the little things like cords, cables, controls, nails, and screws in a separate labeled box, making sure that you have marked the box with the appropriate colored ink or sticker.
  • Shrinking stuff. Size really does matter when packing for a big move. That's why it's a good idea to use heavy-gauge trash bags, instead of bulky boxes, for soft items. Just toss your pillows, sheets, or clothes into a trash bag, then suck the air out of the bag with a vacuum nozzle and seal the end with a rubber band. Without the air, the bag will take up much less room and be much easier to transport.

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Doris Donnerman

Doris is a jack of all trades, writing on a variety of topics. Her articles have helped enlighten and entertain thousands over the years. ...


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